A rumour of an update

It's been ages... but life's been interesting over recent months. I'm ok, good days really are outweighing bad days, and I'm getting on and do think I'm going where I need/want to be... but yeah. Interesting times.

But to sum it up: Wil's moving out on Monday. He's got a nice two-bedroomed semi in the centre of Derby (with a girl who's nice), so... helping with that over the weekend and next week. And then I get my house back. Much cleaning will ensue, but I'm pretty sure it'll feel weird... but I mean to make it better.

All is well, everything is amicable, just got to finalise the paperwork with the Courts now, which is chugging along. I won't be the richest person in the world at the end of it, but I'll have the house, Harry and Stuff... and a vastly reduced credit card debt (swapped for a slightly larger mortgage, but still better than it was in London). And my life my own again, I guess.

Harry is doing ok - after vets last week, he has one tooth left and it's going to fall out soon. But despite much fretting on the way to/from vets, he is now a massive purring machine whenever I'm about, due (I think) to me looking after him throughout and bringing him back, rather than dumping him somewhere (as I believe has happened before in his wee life). So yeah.

Any questions, I guess? What've I missed due to not updating for ages that anyone wants to know? ;)
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Stolen but wonderful

This is from a fellow LJer, thebratqueen. I LOVE IT. Hands up who's with me... :)

Conversation had at the checkout of my local Borders:

Me: Hi, I'd like to give this book a home, please.

Saleswoman: I've never heard it put that way before.

Me: I promise to love it as my very own.

Saleswoman: That's good, because we do do background checks to make sure you'll provide a safe environment for it.

Me: Of course. For all you know I'm the sort of monster who breaks the spines.

Saleswoman: We can't have that.

Me: Indeed!
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Request - old Wessex players

Heya chaps - does anyone have any of the old Wessex photos still knocking around? Trying to forage and find thngs, and realizing just what I'm missing... any old disks or PC folders, go rummage and email me plz? :)

Thanks much!! x


I know people here recommended me Catherine Webb a while ago - this is she, under another name, for adults.

For those who loved 'Neverwhere', this seriously is the next generation. And it is magic :)

And her website - the second entry is just fab:
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Have debated whether it's my place or not to post this, but figured what the hell does that mean - here we go. Best intentions.

Alex L (Spider from the Bears, or Sebastian Oaks to Vamp players) is in hospital still today, having been admitted on Saturday after a good few weeks of back pain, then sudden double vision on Saturday itself. After a brain scan, the docs believe he has suffered a minor stroke. He still can't see straight, and is naturally very scared and worried, but is having an MRI today to hopefully find out more.

Meantime, he's being instructed to relax in bed, but this is obviously very difficult. His colleagues have helpfully suggested that the brain-picture will feature a sign saying 'This Space For Rent' ;) But keeping him smiling is a good thing...

Please send all your good thoughts to him - I'll be speaking later, but he has got his moby and can receive texts. I'm trying to sort a care package of audio thingies, and hopefully will be able to zoom his way this weekend to deliver, if anyone wants to contribute (or I can privately email his addy).

Love y'all, and thanxx
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Meeting Up!

Righto. For those London-types, I will be Dahn Sahth for a meeting tomorrow afternoon, with my train getting into St Pancras not long after midday. I'll then be in Holborn from about 1230 for an hour or so - anyone propose a meet and a jar? :D

Then Saturday... who's going to TORM? :D

I has no money, but meeting folk I haven't seen in too long more than makes up for it...!
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